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About Roshan Loungani

Roshan Loungani has worked in the finance industry for more than a decade, providing clients with in-depth personal finance and retirement planning. However, his work has extended to a wide variety of careers and business opportunities. When he wasn’t even ten yet, he worked with his father at his retail store, helping him with its operations. When he was in middle school, he started his own business, selling candy bars to students in his class.


He then went on to college where he completed his studies and earned his degree in finance and marketing. However, he didn’t just work as a student when he was at the University of Maryland. He also was an entrepreneur, starting his own event production company. He even worked on a premier party for the film, Romeo+Juliet. Roshan Loungani then started his own internet-based television company in 2004, which he sold in 2006.


Throughout this time, Roshan Loungani has maintained a keen desire to help others in need. He has worked with a number of groups on the idea of achieving happiness. These groups include the Lee Senior Center and Walter Reed Senior Center. He also helped his basketball team with a charity basketball tournament where proceeds went to those in need. He served on the board of Upakar Indian-American Scholarship Foundation.


In his free time, Roshan Loungani enjoys a good sports match. He is obviously a huge Terrapins fan, and he is also an avid Redskins fan. He even went to the Super Bowl parade back in 1992. Roshan enjoys music of all kind, and he has done some work in music production and recording.


Roshan Loungani lives in Fairfax, VA with his wife and two young children. He enjoys spending time with them as well as his extended family members who live nearby in Northern Virginia and Maryland