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Five Ways to Get Happier at Work

Cheerful coworkers in office during company meeting recently released a list of sixteen things that will make you happier. Inc. is a publication dedicated to providing business professionals and entrepreneurs with tips for management, balancing work and other aspects of life, getting ahead, and more.


As someone who is extremely interested in the science of happiness, Roshan Loungani can relate to many of the items on its list. Happiness is something all of us strive for, and finding it at work can be difficult at times. From the commute, to the long hours, to the less than ergonomic chair, there are many things that could leave you grumpy at work.


Now, if you go to work every day dreading it, this could be your mind’s way of telling you that you need to find something else. However, many of are in that in-between zone: we don’t hate our jobs, but things could get better. This is why Roshan Loungani and others interested in happiness are constantly looking for new ways to improve work life as this represents a good part of the day.


Here were a few things on the list that Loungani can agree with, and things you should test out yourself:


  • Share with others what you know
  • Always look to be positive
  • Don’t let short-term failure affect long-term goals
  • Don’t let others define you
  • Show Gratitude

Now as mentioned above, you should always assess whether or not your mind is telling you that you should be doing something else or your work environment just needs a little tweak. If you do think you need to switch careers, don’t be afraid. Just breathe deeply and take it slow. All big changes have a beginning, and sometimes being happier at work means doing something new.

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